Industry 4.0 Specialist

Enhance your skills with the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) Industry 4.0 Training!

The training programme was initiated in Germany by Bosch, Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce and other science and industry partners in 2017. Malaysia is the very first country in the world besides Germany to run the Industry 4.0 Specialist Training programme. The programme, which will be run by KISMEC and FESTO under the purview of MGCC, with Auslandshandelskammer (AHK) Malaysia and Bosch Rexroth certification, abides by the modules, training hours and quality delivery as set by the AHK in order to achieve the desired objectives. “The comprehensive course is most suitable for those on the production floor, those who are devising Industry 4.0 projects, and lecturers who would further propagate the knowledge to their students,” explains Mohd Yusuri Yusof, Executive Director of KISMEC. He urges attendees to become the drivers and the force behind the movement that would ensure that our nation embraces the cyber-physical transformation with success. The MGCC Industry 4.0 Specialist programme will also be relevant in producing skilled human capital to cater key economic growth projects and future investments to the country. Visit our website to find out more:

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